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Welcome to the Iron Chef Wiki,
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Today is May 27, 2017.

The Iron Chefs | Iron Chef | Iron Chef America | The Next Iron Chef | Iron Chef YomigaeruEdit

Iron Chef Wikiis a collaborative fan website devoted to the infamous original Iron Chef television show produced by Fuji Television in Japan, Iron Chef America produced by Food Network, and the various spin-off programs associated with them.

From Left to Right:Hiroyuki Sakai,Yutaka Ishinabe,Masaharu Morimoto,Rokusabruo Michiba,Chen Kinichi,Chairman Kaga,Koumei Nakamura,Masahiko Kobe

New on Iron Chef Wiki
  • After much consideration,I have decided to watch every episode,and compile a recipe list.It is still in the works
  • Anybody who'd like to write about The Next Iron Chef, I have no information about that.

General Cooking Shows

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives • Food Network • Good Eats • Mary Berry

Reality Cooking Shows

Chopped • Hell's Kitchen • Iron Chef • Top Chef

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