Context Edit

Chairman Kaga was interested in the "Shojin Style of Cooking(food for monks)" and set to find a challenger.The Challenger:Chief Priest of Fushiki-an Temple,Sotetsu Fujii.Fujii entered Kitchen Stadium with his eyes set on Iron Chef Sakai.

Battle Edit

Yams were selected to be the main ingredient with Yama no Imo (long) and Ichyo (knuckled) being the varieties.Do keep in mind that the flesh is white as opposed to sweet potatoes.

Challenger Fujii Edit

Fried Yam in Yuba (bean curd) Edit

  • Chop shiitake mushrooms,carrots,and yams into small pieces
  • Wrap mixture with bean curd
  • Deep fry in hot oil

Yam in Rice Edit

  • Chop yams into small cubes
  • Wash the rice and put into rice cooker
  • Add yams and salt
  • Press cook,and stir when finished

Yoshino Salad Edit

  • Chop yams into fine shoe strings,chop mushrooms,and tear the bean curd into pieces
  • Use kelp broth as the dressing
  • Served with thinly sliced radishes

Muscat and Watershield in grated yam Edit

  • Grate the yam, and add sugar if needed
  • Drop grapes into glasses
  • Pour yam mixture over the grapes
  • Chill for at least an hour

Sugar Coated Yam Edit

  • Parboil yams in sweet sake and kelp broth
  • roll the yams in sugar
  • Put under the broiler to get a charred texture
  • Cut into slices

Iron Chef Sakai Edit

Cold Yam Potato Soup (Vichyoisse) Edit

  • Chop potatoes,yams,and leeks
  • Put into a pot and bring to a boil
  • Strain the mixture and blend it
  • Put the blended mixture on to a bed of ice and let it chill
  • Put consomme in glass (should be jelly like)
  • Pour soup onto consomme
  • Top with chopped Okra and bonito shavings

Yam Mousse in Broccoli Sauce Edit

  • Sautee inoki mushrooms and prawns
  • Grate the yam,then add soy sauce,corn starch,pine nuts,scallions and chicken soup
  • Mix the mushrooms,prawns and yam mixture
  • Pour onto cling wrap,then steam
  • Top with edamame,long onions,and carrots
  • Pour broccoli sauce(made from boiled broccoli??)

Red Snapper Carpaccio topped with Yam Salad Edit

  • Thin slices of marinated red snapper
  • Cut yams into fries,then parboil
  • Chop daikon into shoe strings
  • Mix miso,chives,hot bean paste and added parboiled yams
  • Circle the red snapper,and top with yams and daikon
  • Pour the miso mixture around the base