Every 5 years,the Chinese Cooking World Championship takes place in China marking the beginning of the most prestigious contest in China.In the individual division,Iron Chef Kenichi won silver.Kiyoshi Takahashi,who was 5 years his senior,finished with bronze.Now head chef of Hao Hao in Tochigi Prefecture,Takahashi enters Kitchen Stadium with a score to settle with Chen.


With the intention of seeing the intricate carvings of Takahashi,Chairman Kaga chose carrots as the main ingredient.

Challenger TakahashiEdit

Silky Fowl and Carrot Soup Edit

  • Chop silky fowl into legs,wings,and save breast meat
  • Put the fowl in boiling water
  • Slice loquat and carrots
  • In a steamer,put the fowl,loquats,carrots,and chinese vine berries

Carrot Pudding in Papaya Edit

  • Ground carrots
  • In a wok,add water,lots of butter and vanilla extract,and the ground carrots
  • Slice papaya in half and remove the seeds
  • Add Sweet bean paste into papaya,then add carrot mixture
  • put papayas in the oven

Carrot and Caviar Salad Edit

  • Cut the carrots into shoe strings
  • add caviar and truffles
  • chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes
  • Served with miso dressing

Stir Fried Beef,Foie Gras and Carrots in Black Bean Sauce Edit

  • Slice foie gras to thick pieces
  • Stir fry the pieces
  • set aside,stir fry beef fillet and carrots
  • add black bean sauce
  • top foie gras with beef mixture

Carrot in Bean Curd Edit

  • Chop carrot into shoe strings and parboil them
  • Stir fry carrots with soy sauce
  • Add mixture onto bean curd and wrap
  • deep fry in oil
  • top with XO sauce

Carrot with Sharkfin soup Edit

  • Cook sharkfins in water
  • ground carrots
  • mix sharkfins,carrot paste,and crab
  • mix in egg yolks

Iron Chef Kinichi Edit

Carrot Compote Edit

  • Slice carrots into steaks,then use a mold to get a star shape
  • boil carrots,honey,peaches,olive liquer,and pomegranate syrup
  • Steam the mixture
  • chill the mixture and top with carrot

Sharkfin stew in Carrot Sauce Edit

  • Ground carrots
  • Stir fry ground carrots with flatfish and crab
  • Add the shark fins
  • stir fry the mixture
  • Top with chinese cabbage

Carrot and Noodle Soup Edit

  • Ground Carrots
  • Fry carrot paste in lard
  • Add flour,eggs,to mixture and knead into a dough
  • roll dough into a thin sheet and fold horizontally to cut noodles
  • Boil noodles,then run cold water over them
  • Combine shanghai cabbage,carrots,mushrooms and bacon in a pot of water and bring to a boil
  • add noodles to broth

Stir Fried Carrots and Sirloin on Fried Carrots Edit

  • Thinly slice carrots,chop beef,and garlic sprouts
  • Stir fry the carrots,beef,and sprouts
  • add soysauce,mirin,and XO sauce
  • place in the middle and surround with thinly slice carrots